The approach

Address the geographical issue of

MP transport

−from the temperate waters of the southern North Sea

−to the arctic waters of the Barents Sea


Sampling campaigns

reaching from the German Bight to Svalbard

Samples are collected from all types of vessels

Include the physical

distribution of MP

−different temporal an spatial scales

−their vertical transport in the water column

Represent the whole water column

− From the interface with the atmosphere to the sediments

− At some sites benthic fish are caught wild

− At some sites atmospheric deposition is sampled and analysed

Target new challenges of

−determining and quantifying nanoplastics and

−tyre particles in the marine environment

Sea surface microlayer and

marine snow are sampled

In order to improve the understanding of 3-dimensional transport of MP and NP

Dissemination and outreach

FACTS will reach out to the scientific community through papers in high-ranking international journals. In addition, FACTS will network, disseminate, and reach out at international conferences around the world, presenting cutting-edge results and working actively to strengthen research networks. FACTS will also organise or co-organise workshops on new techniques for small micro and nanoplastics associated to major conferences.

FACTS will support training efforts for young researchers, such as PhD courses, summer schools and workshops covering the fields of research addressed. Examples of topics are microplastics analysis, nanoplastics analysis, sampling and monitoring for microplastics, and modelling of microplastics.

FACTS will reach out by interactive webinars and streamed lectures and videos (youtube channels) to present major results and methods, and to engage different target groups in the work and outcome of the research.

FACTS partners will engage in seminars and actions for and in universities, for multipliers, public schools and the general public,

FACTS will cooperate with various established science groups and stakeholder groups addressing microplastics

FACTS will exchange information with national agencies such as their Environmental Protection agencies and Food Safety Authorities

Fluxes and Fate of Microplastics in Northern European Waters

- A project by JPI Oceans

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